10 Marks of a Great Panama City Beach Restaurant

great panama city beach restaurant

Here at Salty Sue’s, we’ve very interested in being a “great Panama City Beach Restaurant”.

We don’t compromise on quality, cut corners, show up late, or leave early, and we want that dedication and commitment to show in the food we serve.

This isn’t a cheat list… We think a welcoming atmosphere, attentive and friendly service, and cleanliness should be taken for granted basics for any “good” restaurant.

When you want to be truly GREAT, you need to go above and beyond the basics. Here are 10 reasons Salty Sue’s is a Great Panama City Beach Restaurant.

10. Established History

When you’ve been open and operating for years, it’s a sign that you’re doing something right.

Satisfied customers come back, word of mouth ensures new customers want to try you out.

Those new customers then turn into loyal repeat customers, and the cycle continues.

So if you’re looking for a great restaurant, look for history. It’s a good indicator of quality.

9. Recommendations From Locals

Ask any restaurant, and they’ll quickly tell you why they are the best place to eat.

Instead, try asking a local, who has nothing to gain by telling you what they think.

We get countless referrals from locals who are more than happy to spread the word about a great place to eat.

A referral from a local carries a lot of weight, and we are proud that we get so many people trying us out this way.

(Also, Thank You to all the local’s who keep recommending us!) :-)

8. Consistently Good Online Reviews

Just like the local’s recommendation, consistently good reviews cannot be purchased or faked.

Sure, even “bad” restaurants can get a few good reviews. But when you see dozens and dozens of satisfied customers who had a great meal, great service, and a nice time, it’s a good sign that you’ve found a “great Panama City Beach Restaurant”.

Tip: Check a variety of sources for reviews; are they good across the board on Facebook / Yelp / Tripadvisor / UrbanSpoon etc?

7. A Focused Menu

Apart from it feeling overwhelming and confusing when you see a menu offering what looks like hundreds of dishes, it also tells you that they have no focus.

Here at Salty Sue’s, we specialize in doing a few things, and doing them very, very well.

While we do offer an impressive menu selection that should keep everybody in the group happy, having the best seafood, steak and BBQ on the beach comes from years of practice and refining those dishes.

6. Family Owned & Operated

We don’t want to create the impression that national franchise owners do not take pride in their chain, or manage and run them well; in many cases, they do.

However, when your families livelihood and reputation is out there, then there’s a little more at stake, and more incentive to get things right and keep customers happy.

A family owned and operated business is likely to go above and beyond to make you happy, and has more of a reason to give you a quality meal and service to keep you coming back.

5. Value For Money

Value for money to us, means not just fair prices, but more importantly, not just increasing prices to stay in line with what other restaurants are charging, out of the idea that we could “get away with it”.

We don’t look at what the other guy is charging, because comparing the quality and experience is not like-for-like.

We know what works after all these years, and when it’s in your best interests to earn repeat customers, then overcharging is a bad policy… Which is exactly why you’ll only get great value for money when you eat with us.

4. Being Pet Friendly

It’s one thing to have loyal customers, but when you find somewhere that goes above and beyond and caters to four-legged family members too, you’ve found somewhere “great”.

Salty Sue’s has a special outdoor porch, with a cosy bar, flatscreen TVs and pool table, where you can dine with your pooch.

We’ll put together a small bowl of freshly made ingredients that will sound good enough to make your mouth water too!

3. A Great Bar

A great restaurant should also be home to a great bar.

Low lighting, a comfortable and cosy atmosphere, and friendly service.

Whether you decide to sit at the bar to eat while you watch the games on the TVs or just stop by for a drink.

We offer an impressive selection of both domestic and imported beers, and liquor and mixers to help you unwind.

2. Sports & Entertainment

We realize that getting out of the house for a meal is more than just dinner.

A restaurant that can also offer you things to do without having to go elsewhere gives you more reasons to stop by.

With live bands and entertainment (seasonal), pool tables, and TV’s showing the games, it’s more than just incredible food and great service that keeps people coming back to Salty Sue’s.

1. Repeat Customers

Just like the consistently good reviews and the local’s recommendations, a great restaurant earns repeat customers.

Everybody can try to eat at a restaurant they haven’t been to before out of curiosity.

When you’ve found a restaurant where the server’s already know customer’s orders and recognize them from previous visits, that tells you they are doing something right.

So next time you’re looking for a great place to eat in Panama City Beach, make sure that Salty Sue’s is at the top of your list!